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11 May 2019 » where have you been

Oh, hey there

Hi again, my names Patrick, I used to write more about things here, but it’s been a while.
This thing called life threw some twists our way, it’s been joyous, painful, and life changing.

This post is an attempt to recount my happenings, and lay it out there for those wondering. It may be a bit rambling, but it’s hard to recount over a year in some detail without rambling.

Left coast to right coast

First up, a big move.

On August 3, 2017 my wife and I packed up our apartment, caged our 2 animals, and moved from always sunny San Diego, to North Carolina.
Neither she nor me expected to move here, yet this was the destination.

The home, packed in a PODS like box, and sent off to NC without a destination address was setup to stay stored until we identified the landing spot.

This lead to…

05 Feb 2017 » Life costs

Nothing in life is free

You’ve heard that saying before. Usually by some older person, about some topic that may have seemed irrelevant, but all I can say is it is true. The damn saying is true.

As I age, now 35 years old at the time of this writing, I apply and say this saying in my head all the time. I wrote it off as unwarranted “wisdom” in my youth. Or as I started understanding politics, I wrote it off as political BS. But the saying and its application applies to everything in your life.

Another way I phrase it to myself, or unfortunate others I yap with is:
At what cost

25 Sep 2016 » Broadcasting on Twitch with OBS


  1. Navigate to https://obsproject.com/download, and click the appropriate OBS Studio link for your operating system. This guide will continue with MAC OSX.
  2. Double click on OBS.dmg (or .exe for Windows) file downloaded, and continue through the installer. You’ll need to run root privileges to complete the installation.
  3. Launch OBS. I used Spotlight to find OBS and launch.