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I paid $70 for some PJs

posted 02 March 2016

Just typing out the title for this piece kind of hurts… somewhat.

I’m a pretty cheap guy. It could be how I was raised, a natural tendency, or reading a few financial books throughout my years. But honestly pretty cheap.

Lets take a trip back down memory lane a tad.

December 18, 2015 Preparing for an annual trip, this time to Mexico. While packing in my minimalist fashion, I start to add my PJ pants. Trusty, old, and extremely worn in the butt area. So worn that there is actually a soft tear from so much use. I figure, “hey, no big deal right? They’re just to sleep in anyhow.” Throw them in and proceed to have a wonderful time throughout Mexico.

January 4, 2016 Unpack and notice the hole is no longer a hole, but something that appears to be a pair of fetish like chaps. No coverage of the backside whatsoever. Pat, you got to let em go. Just let go.

To the trash they go. Pantless (PJ wise) Pat is in the building.

February 18, 2016 Listening to Tim Ferriss’ postcast I hear an ad for meundies and as I recall the description, “softer than cotton”. Interesting, lets check this out. Visit the site, and as a referred shopper, get 20% off, now you’re talking my language. Check out what they have to offer, and notice some PJ pants and undies. Quickly pick some colors I find fitting, add to cart and see the total.

</a> *take a peek at Tim’s book “The 4-Hour Workweek” below, some interesting productivity and life excersizes in there

!!$90 bucks without discount or shipping!! Oh my goodness. Pat you’ve done broke your head here.

After a good 5 minutes of bouncing back and forth, I think to myself, “Pat, you don’t even have any damn PJs to wear anymore. The ones you had before you used for 6 years+. Suck it up, you’ll live, if you can squeeze out 6 years, and they’re super comfortable, you won’t regret it”.

Still, that kind of money we’re talking is not the crappy 6 pack you bought a few weeks ago, it’s doing that 8-9 times.

I’m not sure the of the final push, but I ran with it, and then tried to figure out how to even mention how I spent so much for some PJ pants. Altogether the damage to the credit card was $77.76. $90 original - $18 discount + $5.76 tax.

It was a Thursday that I purchased these, shipping info said I’d get them Monday. No big deal…

February 22, 2016 Fedex (via the USPS) drop off a black pouch from meundies about the size of a pack of beef jerky or a grab bag of potato chips. Minimal design/packaging, like how I travel. I dig it. Check it out below:

Crack the bag open, and there inside some of the softest feeling undies and PJ bottoms I’ve felt yet. Since it was midday, I had to wait until the evening to try out the undies, but the pants were an immediate fix.

The legs taper inward (smaller) as they go down to the feet. Unlike most PJ pants made, which are wide as the thighs and slide behind the heel of the foot or over the front of the foot, these keep at or just below the ankle mostly. Cool, no tripping or sweeping dirt around all day walking around.

Up top, on the thighs on either side, two deep pockets. Large enough to fit a Nexus 5 fully without fear of it popping out and falling to its doom.

This is a fair picture of what my day is like. Just look at how relaxed and focused that guy is:

On top of this all, the pants are suitable for going outside or running some light errands in. They don’t look like PJs, technically they are “lounge pants”, so take what you want from that. They’re just super comfortable and fitting for a desk warrior that ventures out to get the mail or grab the garbage cans.

It’s been just under a week, and I’ve already shaken off the sticker shock. Hell I’m even writing a post about them, while I’m wearing them. If you’re in the market for some house pants or something to wear to bed, I gotta say, check em out. Honestly a solid pair of chill out pants.