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First Utility

posted 17 November 2006
I did say I would post my developing accomplishments and solutions, and finally I have completed one.

This utility compresses tiff images using CCITT Group 4 compression. Initially the images were specified as "black and white" therefore I checked for 1 bit color, however it was later changed to support any bit depth. Images can be 1,4,8,12,16, 24 or 32 bit. I made use of 3rd party components from LeadTools, which made compressing and saving a snap. However the very large images (1GB and up) just wreck a machine with little memory.

Being this was/is my first ground up professional app I found out the hard way where things go wrong.
  • Check your I/O - file I/O will smoke you if you are not checking for success
  • Check your Database data, not checking this will smoke you
  • Use useful debugging messages
Mind you for any developer this is standard duh material or should be, however I've been working on automated builds (visual build) and wise for windows installer for over a year, I knew I was rusty, but wow.