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What do you do to help humanity?

posted 12 May 2008
Recently I've been evaluating what I've done in my life and how I've impacted others lives around me. To be honest, I recently noticed that I had the mindset of taking care of myself and myself only. With this invading my mind, I figured it is time to change some. Something small, something I can ease off with (hey, its a start) and still feel like I'm making some difference.

My significant other is one of the most giving people I know. She signed up a while ago on a site called Kiva. Today I signed up and made my first donation toward a loan. Meet Mr. Abdul Sabor Mohammad (Right ad/banner), a DVD video exporter in Kabul.

Update Abdul's loan has been fulfilled and the banner has been updated to reflect another Entrepreneur in need.

I can't say I feel like I can and/or have changed the world. But if I gave one family the chance at a fraction of what I've had, its a pretty good thought/feeling.