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25 Sep 2016 » Broadcasting on Twitch with OBS


  1. Navigate to https://obsproject.com/download”, and click the appropriate OBS Studio link for your operating system. This guide will continue with MAC OSX.
  2. Double click on OBS.dmg (or .exe for Windows) file downloaded, and continue through the installer. You’ll need to run root privileges to complete the installation.


  3. Launch OBS. I used Spotlight to find OBS and launch.

17 Sep 2016 » Belize y Guatemala

Buenos Dias

Last Sunday (the 11th) we got to rest in our own bed again, after an 11 day trip to countries we never planned to visit.

Of course based on the title, you smart folk can identify that it was Belize and Guatemala.


There were two points to our trip:

  1. My wife and I got married legally in a courthouse in July, but we wanted to have an intimate wedding ceremony with our immediate family. This trip was to do that AND vacation (see point #2 below).

  2. Vacation. We emphatically love jumping into other cultures and areas of the world to better understand things, people, and those we travel with.

So how did Belize come into the picture?

We’re both green people. That is, we’d prefer green trees and surroundings to beach fronts. Researching our dreamy place to have a small ceremony and vacation, somewhere in a rainforest perked up to both our ears.

11 Jun 2016 » I made the web better today, you can too.

A long while ago, say 5 years back, on the way home from a work trip from Bellevue, WA I purchased a book before getting on my flight. Thanks to the company’s (now under a different name) liberal education policy regarding technical books, it was on them.

The book I purchased, after some internet sleuthing on “good books for developers” or a similar keyword setup, was this guy: