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08 Jan 2009 » Cheap gaming rig Looking for the most bang for your computing buck in these economic hard times?
User MikeL_HH over at HotHardware.com has created a solid guide to upgrading your rig from lame to game for $500 bucks or under.

Check it out: Build Guide

06 Aug 2008 » StackOverflow.com beta opens! Well Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky have finally opened up their new venture StackOverflow, a site for programmers by programmers. It's a registration free experts-exchange like site which has some neat features.

For one if you choose to register it uses an openID account, which is usable throughout various other web sites bypassing that 500th login/password combo you were going to create again.

Another quirky item is the default icons for each user. They have implemented use of a gravatar which basically translates to a unique image per user based on their IP address. Heres an example:

I've been very impressed with the simplicity of design while maintaining a slick minimalistic feel. All in all I wish the best for this site and hope everyone gets a chance to check it out.

29 May 2008 » New site/podcast Recently I posted a few of sites I frequent everyday Daily Sites.
One of them being Coding Horror run by Jeff Atwood a now ex developer of Vertigo Software.

Recently Jeff has parted with Vertigo in hopes of starting a new venture in partnership with Joel Spolsky (Founder of FogBugz). That venture being Stack Overflow. It is still in its infancy as they discuss what it will be and how they will implement the site. The main premise is basically a more community based Experts Exchange focused solely on software development.

If you are a developer I highly recommend both Coding Horror and StackOverflow. We not only need great readings and community based knowledge bases, but also to support our fellow developers who wish to further advancement of the field.