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27 Mar 2016 » Ultralight travel

(In Patrick Stewart voice)
Travel, the final frontier….

Traveling is, out of the many things we can spend money on, our #1 expense. We value travel. We value the experiences from it. We value it enough that we spend on it. I think traveling is necessary to become a better person, to better understand references to those random places named in the news, to better understand ourselves.

Honestly, it’s great.

Whether you are a sandy beach sap (hello dad!) or a cultural sponge, one thing that absolutely kills the fun is luggage.
1. You have to drag it around behind you, dodging other people’s luggage, dogs, or kids.
2. You usually have to pay extra for it.
3. You have to find somewhere to put it.

After numerous trips, both domestic trips lasting 10 days, to international lasting 18 days, I’ve simplified my travel experience to a single backpack.
*Maybe a hand bag if we’re bringing back gifts/goodies

This has changed the travel game for me.

Lets look at some of the freedoms this affords you.

02 Mar 2016 » I paid $70 for some PJs

Just typing out the title for this piece kind of hurts… somewhat.

I’m a pretty cheap guy. It could be how I was raised, a natural tendency, or reading a few financial books throughout my years. But honestly pretty cheap.

Lets take a trip back down memory lane a tad.

December 18, 2015 Preparing for an annual trip, this time to Mexico. While packing in my minimalist fashion, I start to add my PJ pants. Trusty, old, and extremely worn in the butt area. So worn that there is actually a soft tear from so much use. I figure, “hey, no big deal right? They’re just to sleep in anyhow.” Throw them in and proceed to have a wonderful time throughout Mexico.

January 4, 2016 Unpack and notice the hole is no longer a hole, but something that appears to be a pair of fetish like chaps. No coverage of the backside whatsoever. Pat, you got to let em go. Just let go.

To the trash they go. Pantless (PJ wise) Pat is in the building.

19 Sep 2015 » Running jekyll

This is my first post using Jekyll.

Originally it was a simple one line text showing proper output, however in interest in playing this through further and play with some of the markdown options:

Console.WriteLine("Hey there buddy.");

Per myself:

You should hug your mom. Then your dad.