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11 Jun 2016 » I made the web better today, you can too.

A long while ago, say 5 years back, on the way home from a work trip from Bellevue, WA I purchased a book before getting on my flight. Thanks to the company’s (now under a different name) liberal education policy regarding technical books, it was on them.

The book I purchased, after some internet sleuthing on “good books for developers” or a similar keyword setup, was this guy:

30 Mar 2016 » Be Humble

Using the poorly referenced dictionary patrickhyatt.com

Humble (adjective) :

  1. To keep oneself below the their own egos growth.
  2. To not be a dick, to not belittle

Programming, or programming in the business realm at least, has a tendency to generate highly skilled individuals, that master an area of knowledge.

Lets take a look at two completely made up examples: Sally, the quality assurance engineer, that sits in the back and has been around for a few years. She owns the application that processes credit cards and refunds. She knows she owns it. There is honestly nobody left in the company that has any knowledge of the product, but her.

Jorge, the quiet developer, that barely speaks louder than the whisper of a feather that falls. Jorge is the guy to to go to with SQL issues. He previously worked at Oracle and knows all kinds of performance tweaks and shortcuts.

Approach both with a question in their area of ownership/expertise.

27 Mar 2016 » Ultralight travel

(In Patrick Stewart voice)
Travel, the final frontier….

Traveling is, out of the many things we can spend money on, our #1 expense. We value travel. We value the experiences from it. We value it enough that we spend on it. I think traveling is necessary to become a better person, to better understand references to those random places named in the news, to better understand ourselves.

Honestly, it’s great.

Whether you are a sandy beach sap (hello dad!) or a cultural sponge, one thing that absolutely kills the fun is luggage.
1. You have to drag it around behind you, dodging other people’s luggage, dogs, or kids.
2. You usually have to pay extra for it.
3. You have to find somewhere to put it.

After numerous trips, both domestic trips lasting 10 days, to international lasting 18 days, I’ve simplified my travel experience to a single backpack.
*Maybe a hand bag if we’re bringing back gifts/goodies

This has changed the travel game for me.

Lets look at some of the freedoms this affords you.